Combustion air valves

1-stage and 2-stage types for thermoprocessing equipment

Combustion air valves in sizes from LV 40 to LV 150 for controlling the combustion air supply to industrial burner equipment. Valves can be mounted in any orientation.

Compact, rugged industrial design for universal use.
Can be fitted with optional accessories such as burner controllers, vertical pressure gauges
(Wiedemann VHM …), etc.

  • 1-stage type (ON-OFF)
  • 2-stage type (MAX-MIN-OFF)

A base-load default setting can be defined via an adjustable bypass feature.

Volumetric flow rate range: 40 – 1200 mN³/h
Intake air pressure: 50-150 mbar
Power consumption: 2 x 5 VA
Operating voltages: 24 V d.c., 110 / 230 V